DNA Core Values

core values

We are Christ Centred

Christ is the centre of all we do. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6) and we want to see Him honored in and through our Church.

We are Gospel Compelled

The Gospel changes everything. It is the story of God’s work to redeem all of creation to Himself through the central work of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

We are Bible Based

We believe in preaching the Word of God faithfully. It shapes who we are and guides our lives as we seek to live in obedience to it.

We are Committed to Prayer

Prayer is the fuel that underpins all ministry and we are committed to pray regularly with thanksgiving to a God who always listens and responds.

We are Spirit Led

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He makes His home in us at the point of conversion to be our helper. It is the Holy Spirit who guides, teaches and points us back to Christ as He regularly refreshes us on our Christian journey. We seek to be led by the Spirit in the way we lead our Church services, make decisions, cast vision, appoint & release leadership, live daily and share the Gospel.

We are Missional

God has called each of us to live out the Gospel message within our sphere of influence (workplace, school, university, tafe, family, friendship circle etc.) We enthusiastically believe in and support those who are called to overseas and interstate mission. We also believe that each of us can be active in local mission within our immediate community.

We are Worshippers

We are people who are passionate about God and feel that the appropriate response is to worship and praise Him wholeheartedly. This will be evident in our Church services, our daily lives and our mission.

We are Creative

God’s creativity can be seen all around us and we have been created in His image. We seek to be a group of people who worship God creatively.

We are a Growing Community

Healthy things grow and we pray that we will be a Church that continually grows, both spiritually and numerically. We pray for growth that is deep and wide.

We are Culturally Connected

We want to know and connect with people in our local community. We want to listen to and learn from people. Our aim is to be in the world but not of it; to be Godly influencers in this generation. We are called to be countercultural and we want to preach the unchanging Gospel message in ways that are relevant to those we want to reach.

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