Missional Community Groups


MCGs (Missional Community Groups) are the small group network at Follow Church, which promote group Bible study, building relationships and being missional in our community together!

We have many different MCGs here at Follow, each with their own style, purpose and demographic.

We encourage all church attendees to get involved in an MCG as it is a great way to make connections with like minded individuals, delve further into God’s word, discuss ways in which you can be missional in church and everyday life, and journey together through life’s stages.

The MCGs that are currently running at Follow are:

Young Families | Sangeev & Priya Sukantha

Young Adults | Adele Williams, Braydon Otten & Claire Otten 

Couples | Paul & Jen Clement

Creative Arts | David & Leanne Griffiths

Women’s  | Jayanthi D & Cheryl Searle

Women’s (Daytime) | Sylvia Simpson & Cheryl Searle

Men’s  | Ronald D & David Young

Youth | Johnson Van Wyk

Lakeside Adults | David & Vivienne Hale 

Seniors | Peter Brown

To encourage testimony and missional living amongst our groups, we follow the B.L.E.S.S principle. Bless is an acronym as follows:

B Begin with prayer

L Learn Christ and listen to the Spirit

E Eat with at least one Pre Christian person

S Serve

S Share your story

If you are interested in speaking to one of the MCG leaders to find out more about their group and when they meet, please email your details to admin@followchurch.com.au and they will be passed onto your preferred MCG group leader who will be in contact!

Alternatively, if you have an idea for an MCG or would like to start one yourself, please speak to Luke Williams in church or on lukew@followchurch.com.au

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