Hannah Grainger

17 February, 2016

I am incredibly blessed to have been brought up in a Christian family. During my life, I have been a regular attendee at church and my family have always been active members in various areas of church life.

My faith journey has been a bit of a bumpy one. From the age of 8, I have undergone 13 different hip reconstructive procedures and 3 surgeries on my stomach to treat reflux. Not to mention the 2 operations on my thumb, after amputating the tip of it as an infant. Through these hard times, I have witnessed and experienced incredible miracles from God; from leg lengthening, to general calmness and peace, from healing of pain when my hip dislocated, to healing of reflux after the 3 surgeries failed and many, many more. No matter what, God was always there and He never failed me. However, my human brain was quick to forget this and there were numerous times when, through my anger, I would find myself questioning His existence, questioning the ‘whys’ and ‘what’s the points’. However, he always answered in His gentle, loving approach; reminding me of what He has already done for me, what we’d overcome together and consistently reassuring me when I needed it the most.

After one of my first surgeries, there was a particular night when I couldn’t get to sleep as I was in a great deal of pain. My Mum was with me, crying out to God, telling Him that it wasn’t fair what had happened to me. She heard Him say to her ‘The joy of the Lord is her strength’ (Nehemiah 8:10). After hearing this, she put on praise music, started singing and almost immediately I relaxed and was able to sleep. Nehemiah 8:10 is my verse; a promise from God that I hold very dearly.

Singing praises to God is something I take great delight in, so it is an incredible privilege to be able to lead Follow Baptist Church, in worshipping and glorifying our king, as one voice! As we develop, I really look forward to the worship becoming more spirit-lead and I hope that it will become a place where people can really feel free to let go of anything holding them back and wholeheartedly praise God with all they have.

I feel at home at Follow; there is such a great community of people with a diverse range of ages, cultures and an awesome missional focus. I am so excited to see what the future holds as we continue to grow, stretch and be challenged by God. I’m looking forward to seeing the different people in our community, use the gifts God has given them, to further His kingdom.


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