Luke Williams

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13 November, 2014

I never really thought about serving God in full time Church ministry when I was growing up; in fact God wasn’t even central in my thoughts most of the time. My thoughts were more focused on making money, getting married and all the normal stuff. I completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter and started down the path that I had plotted many years before. It was all going to plan and I got married to Kim with one daughter on the scene and more kids started following soon after. Life was good in many ways, particularly with Kim and our daughters but my faith journey was stagnant, perhaps even apathetically so.

It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that God really gripped my heart and soon after I felt the call into ministry. While I had been busy building houses, I had been oblivious to the fact that God had been building my life and preparing me for life as a Pastor. It was a change that took a while to comprehend and while being a pastor is no greater call than ministering in the workplace as a carpenter, I certainly felt God was moving me from a job to a vocation. I didn’t look or feel like a pastor (at least according to my view of a pastor) and I was continually having to correct people who thought I was saying “plasterer” when I was asked what I did for work. It’s hard to explain the call, except to say that I just knew that it was right. As we prayed and sought God in the whole process, He made it clear through His Word, confirmation from people we trusted and green lights in the process, that I was right where he wanted me to be. I knew that I had found my place in His plans and God willing I see myself in ministry for the rest of my life. I just can’t imagine doing anything else.

Since that time I have had a growing sense of God’s goodness in our lives. Through different roles and experiences we have been through and also through the life changing power of His Word and Spirit I have come to love Christ in an ever-increasing way. My understanding of His grace through the work of Christ at the cross to forgive our sins, set us free from darkness and empower us through His Spirit has caused me to be truly humbled as I take it in. His grace has been so evident in our family time and time again.

That brings us to this point; Kim and I have four beautiful children Adele, Tayla, Anika and Lenny and we are so excited that God has placed us in the South Eastern growth corridor of Melbourne where there is so much Gospel Growth Opportunity. Follow Baptist Church is launching in 2015 and we know that all that we’ve been through has been preparing us for this. God has a redemptive plan for creation and we believe we will be part of it in this area of the world through Follow. We want to follow Jesus, in our community, for His glory. This is why we will exist and we’re looking forward to being a Church who contributes practically in the community but also shares the hope we have in Christ through serving and ongoing relationships. There is a sense of call and we want to see Jesus lifted high over the Officer region. As we step out in faith there is no doubt challenges will come but we know that God will provide all we need. We believe God will intertwine our lives with other like minded people who are also passionate about loving people, having deep and genuine relationships and seeing people come to know a saving knowledge of Christ.

This is our dream.

This is our hope.

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