Here at Follow Church, we are passionate about outreach and supporting our local community. Below are some initiatives that are currently running here at Follow. If you would like to be a part of outreach or have an idea about how we can support those around us, then please send an email to info@followchurch.com.au.

The Bless Collective Food Van

The Bless Collective Food Van is an initiative by FBC that aims to provide a Hub for food and friendship for those in need in the local community. We work alongside Orange Sky who provide portable laundry facilities and Clean as Casper who provide portable showers.

We are located at Bourke Park in Pakenham each Tuesday and Thursday night from 6pm – 9pm.

If you would like to know more about the project or are interested in becoming involved or contributing, please email info@followchurch.com.au.

The Breakfast Program

Each Tuesday morning, a group of volunteers from Follow Church are welcomed to Officer Secondary School to cook breakfast for the Year 7 students. Hundreds of pancakes are cooked to feed the dozens of hungry students before they start class for the day!

It is a great opportunity to meet a physical need and ensure the kids aren’t starting school hungry, but it also provides a way in which we can get to know the students, encourage friendships and support them in times of need.

If you would like to be involved or support the program, then please speak to Luke Williams in church or email him on lukew@followchurch.com.au.


BLESS Tubs are available at The Hub on a Sunday morning and are a way in which we can regularly collect items that we need to run our outreach initiatives. For example, we encourage church attendees to add an item for the breakfast program to their weekly shop and bring it in on a Sunday to donate. Currently these tubs are being used to collect donations for the breakfast program at Officer Secondary School, but will assist with other outreach initiatives in the future.

Home Starter Packs

Home Starter Kits are a practical way in which we can support families and individuals who are moving into the Officer Region. The Home Starters contain basic essentials such as mugs, tea/coffee, takeaway menus, snacks and a guide on local services in the area. It gives us a chance to meet and get to know our new neighbours as well as provide practical assistance during the busy time of moving and settling into a new area and home.

If you would like to help with the Home Starters, please speak to Garry Salmons in church or on info@followchurch.com.au.

 Mainly Music 

Mainly Music is a fun music session for families with young children to enjoy together and for children to grow developmentally. Children are mainly involved with actions and singing and play with some basic instruments/props during certain songs. i.e claves, tambourines, bells, triangles, shakers, scarves, finger puppets etc.It is well known around the world and originated in New Zealand. The music session goes for 30mins followed by morning tea/playtime. It’s lots of fun! Mainly Music is hosted by Follow Baptist Church at Toomah Community Centre during the week. For more details, please speak to Kim Williams or email info@followchurch.com.au.


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